Prohibition Tennis Bracelet


This collection is tarnish-free! This tennis bracelet is a must-have in your jewelry arsenal. I love how weighty it is on the wrist and I can wear it with a T-shirt and jeans or on a fancy night out. I'm delighted to share this exclusive demi-fine cocktail jewelry that I sourced from a US-based maker. Anna's art deco-inspired designs, made with 50% recycled materials, are hypoallergenic and crafted with high-grade lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. Each piece is crafted to be timeless and wearable for any setting. Every item gets my stamp of approval after enduring several test runs. So, wear them knowing they'll be around for years to come!


  • 10tcw
  • 925 Sterling Silver wrapped in Platinum Plating

Length: 5.9" x .25"

Weight: .43 oz

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