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The Alchemist Collection- COMING SOON!

Mystical, energetically charged, empowered. These are words that come to mind for me when describing this necklace. I felt all of this and more when I was at Burning Man this year, and I wanted to capture it in something worn close to the heart! Hand sculpted clay is conditioned, cut and cured, chain, and charms are assembled here in the studio! Choose from a shiny 1 mm brass snake chain, or a raw brass soldered 1.2 mm chain.  

Now Available as studs and a gift set!!

Materials: Polymer clay, brass charms/chain, vintage Swarovski crystals

Necklace weight: .2 ozs

Studs weight: .07 ozs

  • Meesha personally designs her jewelry line with the intention of creating high-quality fashion accessories that are comfortable enough for everyday use. All clay components are conditioned, measured, cut, cured, buffed and assembled by hand in Austin, Texas.

Meant To Make A Statement