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FALL COLLECTION: Mother Earth Dangles Supporting Amazon Watch Non Profit

For fall of 2019, I have chosen to donate $5.00 from every sale of this design on my website and wholesale platform until the end of this season (December 21st) to help support the Amazon Watch non-profit organization. (A reminder that I ship internationally, so this is accessible to friends and supporters outside of the US as well!)

More than 20% of the Amazon rainforest has already been deforested. Aside from deforestation, fossil fuel extraction, mining, large-scale hydroelectric dams, and highways are causing an even greater threat by invading indigenous people's rights, territories, and homes. Amazon Watch focuses on 3 main goals: stopping Amazon destruction, advance indigenous solutions, and supporting climate justice.

I have created this very special design that I am calling the Mother Earth's, to represent our efforts in supporting this incredible organization. With your help, we will raise donations together and gift them to Amazon Watch on midnight on December 21st.  

You can learn more about Amazon Watch's efforts and donate more to help support them here.



  • Polymer Clay
  • 18K gold plated, nonreactive surgical steel earring posts
  • The marbling of clay wiringll vary since they are all handmade, but will have the same aesthetic and colors as the model in the photo is wearing

Photography Daniel @caffeineandgasoline.x

Model: Heaven Fearn @heavenfearn

Wardrobe styling: My-Cherie @vivasilk_

  • Meesha personally designs her jewelry line with the intention of creating high-quality fashion accessories that are comfortable enough for everyday use. All clay components are conditioned, measured, cut, cured, buffed and assembled by hand in Austin, Texas.

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