I originally created this design as a demo for my DIY earring workshop, and ended up falling in love with how they turned out! These involve a 2-step process, all carefully hand marbled and sculpted, cured and glazed over with an extra layer of resin before assembly to make the colors really pop and shine through! Enjoy from either a Merengue or Matcha Swirl color options!

Materials: Polymer clay, non-reactive 18k gold plated surgical steel posts

Combined weight: .6 ozs

Model: @heavenfearn, silks: @vivasilks_, photography: @caffeineandgasoline.x

  • Meesha personally designs her jewelry line with the intention of creating high-quality fashion accessories that are comfortable enough for everyday use. All clay components are conditioned, measured, cut, cured, buffed and assembled by hand in Austin, Texas.

Meant To Make A Statement