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The Baba Yagas

Fall vibes continue with the Baba Yagas, read below if you haven't heard of the story! Designed and hand-assembled in my studio, these gender-neutral earrings are meant to be styled as a pair, or alone as a single accent earring depending on your mood! 

In Slavic myths, Baba Yaga is the wild woman or dark lady of magic and in Russian folklore a scary witch! Baba Yaga is interesting because, although she is described as a terrifying old witch, she is still wise and powerful; wild, cruel but sometimes also kind. Baba Yaga links the wise women of early myths and the witches of the folk or fairytales. Her home is a hut deep in a birch forest, in a place that is difficult to find, unless a magic thread, feather or doll shows the way. The hut has a life of its own. It stands on large chicken legs and can move about. I thought that these went really well with my themed earrings for this Fall launch!

Materials: Brass

Combined weight: .3 ozs

  • Meesha personally designs her jewelry line with the intention of creating high-quality fashion accessories that are comfortable enough for everyday use. All clay components are conditioned, measured, cut, cured, buffed and assembled by hand in Austin, Texas.

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