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NEW! The Casablancas

The concept of the Casablancas had been burning brightly in my mind since April of 2019. After a week-long journey through magical Morocco, my heart was so full of inspiration, that it was actually quite overwhelming and difficult to translate into my own form of art. It took me several months of coming back to this idea that didn't seem to want to escape me, even with multiple failed attempts at bringing it to life.

One evening, I was marbling another style, the Mother Earths, and I had added an incorrect ratio of colors. Due to over blending, my marbling began to form into a beautiful dreamy hue. This was a total accident, but I stopped and immediately marveled at the color before me! This was the blue that I was envisioning in my thoughts! A combination of 4, very unusual colors created this romantic shade blue. It reminds me of warm Moroccan nights, the rich jewel tones that cover every wall and floor, the smell of jasmine as you walk through its luscious gardens!

This design incorporates a new technique that involves layering. Intricate cutouts and layers with shapes are a few words that describe this style. I feel like it connects well with the architecture you see throughout Morocco.

I hope you love this design as much as I loved making it. :)


  • 18K Gold plated hypoallergenic surgical steel posts
  • Brass Charm
  • Polymer Clay