Daisy Dangles (Lab-grown)

$170 $204

This collection is tarnish-free! These Daisy Dangles evoke dreamy Gatsby vibes, so we nick-named them after Daisy Buchannon. I'm delighted to share this exclusive demi-fine cocktail jewelry that I sourced from a US-based maker. Anna's art deco-inspired designs, made with 50% recycled materials, are hypoallergenic and crafted with high-grade lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. Each piece is crafted to be timeless and wearable for any setting. Every item gets my stamp of approval after enduring several test runs. So, wear them knowing they'll be around for years to come!



  • Lab-grown Emerald Green Crystalline
  • Emerald cut 3ct Stone
  • Lab-grown White Diamond Crystallines multi-cut Stones
  • Total 10tcw
  • Sterling 925 plated in thick platinum

Weight: .29 oz

Size: 3.75" in height .5" in width

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