The Paradiso Earrings


In February of 2021, I stumbled across an abandoned hotel left for ruin and I have never felt more inspired in my entire life. The emotions, energy, and beauty of this masterpiece spoke to my artist heart and I couldn't shake the urge to it sketch out that evening. The Paradiso Earrings are the physical embodiment of this experience in the form of wearable art!

It took us MONTHS and countless prototypes to not only get the design right but to engineer them to be light enough to be worn comfortably for several hours. We hand sculpt this design from scratch as well as hand paint the mural on the back! It takes our artists Haley and Caroline an entire working day to complete ONE pair of these earrings. 

Each set comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, and a special batch number showing that it's the only of its kind being produced in the world. The Paradiso Earrings arrive in their own special red jewelry box and velvet pouch, packaged in a reusable black magickal shipping box to store your witchy crystals and other sacred treasures in!

We are only producing ten pairs for this release. Due to their intricacy and production time, we are asking you to please allow for 10 working business days to receive the confirmation of the shipment being sent out. 

Due to the time that goes into creating these detailed beauties, we strongly recommend purchasing ROUTE+ shipping insurance in case your earrings are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

Weight: approx. .39 oz (the same as the Original size Medusas for reference)

Dimensions: 4" x 1.5"


  • polymer clay
  • 18 K gold-plated over hypoallergenic steel studs

Always travel with your clay jewelry in its jewelry box. Do not allow forceful pressure or bending of the clay

Keep metals away from water and moisture

Always remove jewelry before sleeping, swimming or bathing

All clay items that are made-to-order: This means that everything is made by hand and assembled once your order is placed! Because of this, please allow up to 5 business days (Monday - Friday) for handmade production, before items are shipped off with tracking.

***Please note: Any orders placed after 12 pm Friday, will not be produced/shipped until the following next business day(s). For example, an order placed on a Saturday will not begin being produced until Monday. It takes between 1-3 days to make your order by hand, depending on production schedule. Once this is made and completed, then your item will be shipped based on your preferred method of shipping.***

You will be provided with a tracking number in an email once your order is on its way. There are five shipping options to choose from: 

  • We recommend selecting the ROUTE+ shipping insurance at checkout to ensure hassle free replacements if your package is lost, stolen or damaged in transit!
    • If you want to know estimated transit times please check out our zoning map
  • UPS Ground (3 Day) 
  • USPS Priority Shipping (2 Day)
  • UPS Next Day Air (1 Day) 
  • USPS Priority Mail Express (1 Day)

You can track your UPS or USPS tracking # here.


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