Our LIMITED EDITION Fall Medusa Collection is officially restocked!

Meesha Farzaneh's jewelry line encourages self-expression without sacrificing comfort or quality

With a focus on ethical and sustainable standards, we mindfully source, produce, and test the sustainability of our products & eco-friendly packaging 

Meesha does not release by the seasonality of mainstream trends. Rather, designs are released organically throughout the year to promote concious fashion

"I draw a lot of my inspiration from stories of powerful female archetypes throughout history and enlightening journies I've had during my travels. There's something really special about opening a package to find handcrafted art and a small handwritten note, made specifically for you. It holds an energy that instantly makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in your heart. "

- Meesha Farzaneh

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The Medusas
Red Carpet 2020 Fashion Pick!

​Ten Morrow made a jaw-dropping debut on the Oscars Red Carpet this year. The Medusas are excellent for anyone seeking a statement piece that embraces strength​ and ​unapologetically powerful feminine energy.​

The Day Dreamers
Gigi Hadid's Fave MF Pick!

​Accessorize like fashion icon, Gigi Hadid! Selfie approved and perfect for those who love minimalist and versatile pieces!​

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