Meesha Farzaneh's jewelry line encourages self-expression without sacrificing comfort or quality.

With a focus on ethical and sustainable standards, we mindfully source, produce, and test the sustainability of our products and utilize eco-friendly packaging. Meesha draws inspiration from meaningful life experiences and enlightening journies around the globe. Forging her own path, she does not release by the seasonality of mainstream trends. Rather, designs are released organically throughout the year.

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The Medusas
Red Carpet 2020 Fashion Pick!

​Ten Morrow made a jaw-dropping debut on the Oscars Red Carpet this year. The Medusas are excellent for anyone seeking a statement piece that embraces strength​ and ​unapologetically powerful feminine energy.​

The Day Dreamers
Gigi Hadid's Fave MF Pick!

​Accessorize like fashion icon, Gigi Hadid! Selfie approved and perfect for those who love minimalist and versatile pieces!​

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