we are all energy

You move different when you understand your power

My jewelry line represents my will to fight for what truly lights my fire. I know how it feels to be knocked down, to feel powerless, living in the shadow of someone else's dreams. I wanted to be more and feel more, so I jumped. Sometimes you land on your feet, and sometimes you will fall on your beautiful little bum. But we are divine beings who deserve to live a life that fulfills our passions and deepest desires. Dont let anyone take that right away from you. Follow your heart, take that chance, wear that boujee dress, rock that bold jewelry. Whatever it takes for you to harness that power, do that! Thank you for empowering me to keep doing the same by supporting my leap of faith. The journey is so much sweeter with you in it.

xo, Meesh

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Created with intention

Every Medusa is handmade by our in-house artist, Sarah. The beauty of handmade is that every piece has unique qualities that make it one of a kind.