February 2023 Full Moon in Leo

The next full moon is on Sunday, February 5, at 12:30 P.M. CST

February is a month of beginnings and endings: saying goodbye to winter and preparing for spring! The full moon in Leo brings an excellent balance to the energy of Aquarius season. In astrology, the sign a full moon falls in can significantly impact the energy and atmosphere of the moment. 

Leo is associated with self-expression, creativity, and leadership; a full moon in Leo can highlight these themes during the days before, during, and after it occurs. Since the moon in Leo is proud, emotional, and inspiring, this is the perfect time to be intentional with your love life or any creative pursuits

This time is a reminder that it’s okay to feel your heart’s desires and bring them out into the world. Reflect on the seeds you’ve planted in the romantic and creative parts of your life and how much progress has been made.

Focus on what’s fun and put self-expression first!



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Leo is associated with the heart, so be sure to exercise this part of the body.

Write out your intentions, what do you want or need to manifest in your life? Be positive and don’t be afraid to be specific when doing this kind of spell. You can speak what you’ve written once or say it over and over again like a chant. Wearing an amulet like the Amphora Pendant while doing this is an easy way to make sure your spell is carried around with you.

Create an herbal tea of rose petals, or you can infuse water with rose quartz crystals (just don’t drink them). This will open you up to confidence and love.

Charge your crystals under the full moon to help them regain potency. You can do this to your tarot deck or other divination tools too! This is important for your personal use and practice.

Do a self-love meditation by visualizing yourself, cutting all the negative cords that are holding you back or standing in the way of attaining romantic or creative success. Then, release and let go of them to allow yourself to move forward in a better direction.