My Fall 2019 Inspiration

Hey, y'all!

I wanted to strip down the social media filters and perfect(ish) curated posts for a moment and dive deeper into what goes on inside of my head during my creative process!

Earlier this year, I had a pretty eventful summer when fashion icon Gigi Hadid chose to wear my earrings on her own accord to a private Vogue breakfast hosted by Anna Wintour! At that point, I was running the show by myself and had little to no time to create because I was pulling 14-hour workdays, 7 days a week, trying to keep up with the volume of orders and attention catapulting towards me! I was able to hire an amazing studio assistant, Sarah Jones, who was an angel at helping offload the stress of wearing 8 different hats at once.

I was COMPLETELY burnt out after the Gigi moment. But shortly after, I was about to spend 7 days in my favorite place on earth that only comes around once a year. Burning Man is a self-sustaining city that is built from the ground up in 7 days in the middle of Black Rock Desert. It is truly a sight to see and revolves around the 10 principles. You will find an endless amount of breathtaking art, ideas, heartwarming encounters, moments of uncomfortable and/or euphoric clarity, the list goes on. The best part? You are completely detached and disconnected from the "default world" as we call it. No internet reception, no cell coverage, no signal from the world outside of those gates. I had no choice but to fall into the beginning of a hard, creative reset! 

#PublicDisplaysofAwareness  by Olivia Steele

So what did I see and what inspired me? During my week-long journey, I began to quiet down the noise in my head and stop to take in the moment and the beauty that stood in front of me. Here are some of my favorite designs from my 2019 Metamorphosis Collection and how they came to be! The Pegasus was inspired by the Wings of Glory create by Adrian Landon, which was a gigantic mechanical Pegasus. Swipe to the last slide on my post to see it in action! The Baba Yagas were inspired by an art installation from a previous year at Burning Man, designed by Jessi Sprocket Janusee! If you arent familiar with the story, read more about it here! This piece is the perfect accessory to carry us into the spooky fall vibes this season! The final piece that sits very close to my heart is The Alchemist necklace, inspired by the Playa Alchemist Temple. The temple is one of the largest structures on the playa, and can be seen from very far away! This year, it had the prettiest mega-sized quartz crystal in the center of the temple, with a strong beam of light illuminating it from above. I hope you love this new collection, and that it brings you the same passion and happy moments that lead to their creation. 

- Meesh