In Slavic myths, Baba Yaga is a wild woman/dark lady of magic, and in Russian folklore, a scary witch! Baba Yaga is interesting because, although she is described as a terrifying old witch, she is still wise and powerful; wild, cruel but sometimes also kind.

Baba Yaga links the wise women of early myths and the witches of folk tales, which creates a really powerful blend of feminine energy and mystery. Her home is a hut deep in a birch forest, in a place that is difficult to find, unless a magic thread, feather, or doll shows the way. It stands on large chicken legs and can move about, fleeing in the dead of night through the dark forest!

My understanding is that it is unclear whether Baba Yaga was good or evil, but the interpretation of her story now lies in the hands of those who wear this piece and continue to tell her story!